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SaD Design Contest - Registration!

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 23, 2017, 7:56 PM

Alright you thirsty waffles, it’s CONTEST TIME~

Or, rather, contest registration time.

Seeing the positive feedback on my last journal regarding this contest, I feel confident enough to get it started!

This journal for the contest is for registration, posting the rules and guidelines, and other information you will need for participation. 

So check out the information below!


What is the contest exactly?
It's a design contest! Namely a sort of 'fashion' design contest, but you get only one subject to work off of, and certain guidelines to go by. Contestants will be designing an outfit for RotG’s Jack Frost. The outfit in question needs to be designed under the guideline theme of ‘what would he look like if he was a dark spirit?’

Do you mean a design like in the ‘Dark Jack’ AU?
NO. Not at all. You are just designing an outfit, and leaving pretty much everything else out. No change in skin or eye color, no giving him different weapons or traits. You can find the guidelines themselves below this FAQ!

Do I have to know who Jack is and where this theme came from?
Technically no, HOWEVER. It really would help if you knew who this character was, and what story the contest is being stemmed from. If you don’t read my story (Solitude and Darkness) that’s okay, but you really should know who Jack Frost is and what the RotG universe is like.

Are there limited slots?
YES! There will only be five slots for participants. Once all five slots are filled, you cannot participate. If, however, there is a slot open and you want to participate a bit late, that’s totally fine! And if life takes priority, that is totally fine too - just let me know if you need to bow out of the contest so I can let people know there will be a free slot! You can still keep the points. 8)

What’s this I hear about points?
A small twist to this contest. I will be paying YOU five points to participate in this contest. Why? Because the prize depends on a sort of publicity for the winner of the contest, and it only seems right to give a small bit of insurance for any of the contestants that could be the winner. 

What is the prize?
That would be telling~ Haha, I’m kidding. But in all seriousness, the big prize is a mystery and will only be known by myself and the contest winner. But along with the big mystery prize, the winner also gets fifteen points! Everyone else will get a deviation feature of their choosing that I will post in individual journals.

Since this is a fashion contest, will you provide a base?
If you need a base to work off of, I’m more than happy to let you use one – provided you get the base owner’s permission if you are not using your own! Anyone who uses a base has no smaller or bigger chance of winning or losing first prize. The judging is based on the outfit itself. WARNING. If you do use a base, you MUST abide by the base-owner’s rules. If they want you to credit them, link them back, or ask permission before using, then abide b those rules. You must provide a link to the where you got the base for me to check out and make sure you didn’t abuse its rules. If you simply take a base and do not ask permission, and I find out, you will be disqualified. If the base is a ‘use for whatever don’t need to credit’ sort, then that is perfectly fine, just be sure to link me the base so I can be sure that I won’t be caught in the middle of a dispute.

Do I NEED to include the body, or can I just do the outfit?
You do NOT need to draw Jack’s whole body. You can in fact just do the outfit! It would be nice to see a full drawing, but it’s not going to put you at a disadvantage if you just do the clothes without Jack being drawn. I encourage participants to go the extra mile though.

Is there a deadline? When is it?
Yes, there are two deadlines – one to join, and one to get your entry in.

Participation deadline March 30th.

Contest submission deadlineApril 13th.

Extensions are negotiable – if you feel you need more time, please note me and we can work something out!

If you have any other questions that are not answered by the FAQ above, please let me know! Now onto the Guidelines!


Subject – you have to use the given subject as your model for this fashion contest. The subject is Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, and with a root link to my fanfiction, Solitude and Darkness.

Theme – the theme is ‘what if Jack was a dark spirit. This DOES NOT MEAN using the overused AU concept of ‘dark Jack’ or ‘corrupted Jack’ or whatever. You are only designing an outfit for this theme scenario, and nothing else. You can’t change his skin tone or eye color, or give him other weapons except those noted in the Extras bit below.

Extras – Now I said you can’t give him new weapons, but there is one exception. Upon reading my fic, you will have noticed Pitch’s Staff being used in it numerous times. If you need a visual idea of what this staff looks like, check out Rufftoon here on Deviantart and look in her RotG folder for the comics featuring this staff in Pitch’s possession. (Please note that I do NOT own the staff concept design, RotG or Rufftoon's concepts and designs).

To break it down...

- The contest is a fashion contest
- The subject is Jack Frost (you CANNOT choose someone else)
- Your theme is 'what if Jack was a Dark Spirit?' (ie design him an outfit for the theme)
- There are guidelines (ie you are designing an outfit, Jack is the subject/model; you are not changing his skin or hair color, nor are you designing a 'dark Jack' or any other corrupted AU)
- Only 5 contestants can participate!
- Each contestant will be PAID 5 points to participate!
- The prize is a mystery and will only be revealed to the winner (everyone else will know what the prize is later down the line, and I will announce it in a journal!)
- You MUST read the guidelines.
-  If you need/want to use a base to use as a model, you are free to use one, provided you have the base owner’s permission and link me the base you will be using! (I WILL check to see if you got permission, and if you didn’t, you will be disqualified). If the base is a ‘free to use no need to credit’ base, then that is totally fine, but I still would like you to link me back just in case.
- A whole body is not necessary, you can just draw the outfit without drawing Jack in it, though I encourage going that extra mile.
- Participation closes on March 30th.
- Deadline for entering your piece ends on April 13th.

If you want to participate, simply comment that you want to participate on this journal, and I’ll take you down and put your icon up on the participation list! You will receive your five points upfront once you let me know you want to participate!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!


1.) :iconks-claw:

2.) :iconcatwoman-cali-onyx:

3.) (empty)

4.) (empty)

5.) (empty)

So! Shall we begin?

Thanks folks~!


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In relartion to my journal - would you be interested in participating in the contest? (If you have questions about it, feel free to ask!) 

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I'm also a de-anon from the RoTGKINKmeme, and have a page on under the same name, and an AO3 account under the penname SumiSprite (no dash!)

I'm a friendly person, and like to think I'm nonjudgmental. By all means, you're into something 'weird' or 'batshit crazy', I won't care, you enjoy it, it's not my business to judge.

I'm pretty shy around new people, especially very experienced and amazing artists, but also very open to my preferences and overall opinions. I have no secrets, so ask me anything and I will tell you - except for my location, bank info, and basically anything that actually pertains to my personal belongings.

NOTICE!!! I will NOT Skype video-chat, but I am VERY open to IMing on regular chat.

Enjoy my page!

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